History Documentary Opgave: New York Times from the Inside, DR2 2012

Give a brief summary of the most important issues of the documentary.

Explain and discuss the below quotation:
“Why would I pay for anything that I can read elsewhere?”

The bankruptcy of the Tribune/Mr. Zell – account for some of the reasons for their bankruptcy.
What are the problems in terms om the work environment?

Tim Carr – account for his background and way to the New York Times.
How does he work as a journalist?
“Fair-minded and diligent” are words said about Tim Carr. How does it show?

“The iPad may be the solution” – explain!

Media using resources to gather information are essential to democracy!. Discuss!

Has the documentary changed your view on the media? If so, how?

The most important issue in the documentary is the survival of the newspapers. We hear about many newspapers that have gone bankrupt in the last couple of years. The New York Times must therefore go from paper to be online so they can survive. They are having a very hard time because they are fighting for survival.

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