In the United Kingdom we find millions of children affected by the increasing poverty inside the country.

We can’t deny the fact that this has an effect on their mental health and development.

The facts that injuries from physical and mental abuse are rising, is something we can’t and will not look away from anymore. We must make a chance, and it must be now.

We some kind of system where people can turn to for help, help with money, households and so on.

But doesn’t the UK already have this? Yes, they actually do, but its outdated and old. Their current system is built on the old UK and not the new and fast evolving UK.

We need to see a change before it’s too late for the people under the poverty line.

For example children with physical damage doesn’t really have a place where they can go and talk to somebody about it and walking around as a kid with that much baggage is even more unhealthy for their mental state.