‘More Than Coffee’ | Summary and analysis | Noter

Analytical essay

More Than Coffee, New York`s Vanishing Diner Culture is an article written by the famous American journalist George Blecher.

It was published in the New York Times on November 23 in 2016. Blecher writes this article because he is concerned for the New York dining Culture.

He reveals that the diners are like this third home, while his actual home has the first spot and his work the second.


Why is the vanishing of culture such a bad thing? Is it not just the natural development of everything? No, and we need to preserve the things we like and care about.

The New York Dining experience is a big part of many New Yorker’s daily life. This is concluded by the writer George Blecher in his article More Than Coffee: New York’s Vanishing diner Culture.

The article is constructed in a traditional style with a catchy headline written in red, a classic by-line, a picture of the writer's favourite diner, the lovely Metro diner

the main body of the article, and at last, an interesting conclusion. Blecher is an experienced writer, and we quickly get his opinion and he never hides his intention.

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