‘Trio for Four Voices’ | Summary and Analysis


The short story “Trio for Four Voices” by Jane McLaughlin begins with the narrator watching a girl and her father from the hotel balcony.

The narrator counter hears the family speak French, but knows they are Americans. The narrator and the girl named Amelia meet for dinner.

Amelia tells the narrator a secret and admits there after she hates her mother and that she would kill her. She adds that her father is going to help.

Analytical essay

The genre of the text “Trio for Four Voices” is a short story. The short story is written by Jane McLaughlin in 2018. The text is a first-person narrative.

The short story begins with the narrator seeing a father and daughter playing in the hotel garden. Where the narrator thinks they are American even though they speak French.

The narrator was at the hotel eating dinner where Amelia came and sat at the same table, telling the narrator a secret that she wants to kill her mother because she hates her and her father would help her with that.

The narrator did not know what to do. Amelia has an important role in the short story, as it is all about her and her family.

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