Compass and Torch | Summary and analysis

Analytical essay

The boy and his father go on a camping trip, they haven't seen each other for months. The boy was very excited about his torch but it is not very important for the father, which disappoints the boy.

There are also horses on their trip, but the boy and father don't understand what they’re doing. The father and boy have both forgotten their compasses.


The bond between a child and parent is usually inseparable, but when parents split, it will not only be hard for the two parents involved, but also the child caught in the middle, who will try to make both parents happy.

If a parent decides to step away instead of helping the child in such a situation, it can haunt the child for the rest of their lives.

Compass & Torch, by Elizabeth Baines, is about 2 parents with a boy split between them, where the boy is longing for the Dad’s care and attention, who has long since decided to step out of the boys’ life, after the parents’ disconnection.

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