Compass and Torch | Engelsk Opgave

Certain things can’t be replaced, such as the roles of a mother and a father. However, when parents decide to separate, the situation creates emotional chaos and it can be quite intimidating, puzzling, and frustrating for the children – as they’re suffering too.

The children, who feel caught in the middle, will most likely find that it takes a toll on their health, which usually happens if the parents make the child choose between mum and dad.

The parents most often want to finalise the divorce quick to keep both sides pleased, but it doesn’t always go that way.

Like any other son, the boy sees his father as his role-model, someone he looks up to. But the boy has an internal battle going on, which his mother is to blame for as she keeps belittling the boy’s father. This means that the boy is rather sensitive to his father’s actions.

In “Compass and Torch” it is possible to find quite a few symbols. In the title, the reader can find the first symbol as a torch is supposed to help the user find their way through the darkness, and it is also a symbol of the boy and his father.

They both brought their torches, which illuminates their complicated relationship. In this situation, the torch is a symbol of relief and assistance for the boy and his father “A torch is for lighting when the time comes, for lighting up the expedition of father and son” (P. 2, L. 20-21).

They have both forgotten their compass, which just symbolises that they have gotten lost in the wilderness.

The gate could symbolise a barrier, a barrier that the two have to get through to find a path, which could be a new beginning for their relationship. But the gate swings back, which symbolises that it is possible to turn around and give up.

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