‘Dusk over the Atlantic Wharf’ | Summary and analysis

1. Write a summary of the short story (remember to write your summary in present tense)
2. Rewrite a section of the short story from past to present tense
3. Describe the setting of the short story
4. Write a characterization of Lata

The story takes place in Carduff, which is a town in wales where Lata and Anuj live as immigrants.

Lata is the main character, and she was raised in India until she recently moved to Wales to get married to her husband Anuj.

He also comes from India had has lived in Cardiff 4 months more than Lata. They try to make their arranged marriage work best possible.


She felt like an old woman, even though this sari was what she had worn at her engagement party back home, as she watched the pony-tailed mascara blinded girls 70 striding up and down the pavement, her clothes weighed her down.

She looked at Anuj from the corner of her eye. He was busy locking the car, taking her hand, crossing the road. She sighed. Good, so these memsahibs 10 had no effect on him.

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