Summary and analysis of ”Salaam Brick Lane”

“Salaam Brick Lane” is about a man named Tarquin Hall. He has lived outside England for the past ten years. In the text he is moving back to England and more specific London.

He is describing the difficulties about moving back to London. The property prices are nowhere near the same as when he left England.

He is telling how the east of the city, a place he had never set foot in before, suddenly is the only place he has money to live in, with his price range.

He is meeting up with a letting agent that is trying to persuade him not to move to the east end, because this end of town is full of crime and poverty according to the letting agent. In the meantime, Tarquin is reading a book from 1902 that is defining a community similar to the one Tarquin has arrived at.

1) Summary
2) Analytical essay

Being an immigrant in London is definitely not easy but coming back to London when you have been away from England for past ten years is certainly not easy either. That is what the British writer and journalist Tarquin Hall has experienced.

He has written a diary called “Salaam Brick Lane”. In the following analysis, an excerpt of his diary will be analyzed. The themes in the excerpt is multiculturalism, culture changing and poverty.

Tarquin has a hard time settle in. But what makes it so difficult for an English-born to return to his native country?

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