Multicultural Britain, Brick Lane | Analytical essay

The meeting of two entirely different cultures in one individual is a challenge. This individual will undergo an immense conversion of their identity.

This personal development will inevitably initiate a development in all relationships this individual may have. Nazneen from Monica Ali’s Brick Lane perfectly tells this tale.

llllBut throughout the book she challenges her submissiveness. Because of this Nazneen achieves both economic and personal independence.

This happens when she starts working and exploring her sexuality through her affair. In the end she finally completely rejects her previous submissive nature and decides to take fate into her own hands.

Because of her newfound confidence and independ-ence, she rejects both of the men in her life for the sake of herself and her children.

One of these men is her husband Chanu. Nazneen and Chanu’s marriage was arranged when she was 17 and he was twice her age.

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