Social mobility is the correlation between a person’s occupation or income, and the occupation or income of their parents. It measures the degree to which people’s status changes through the generations, in terms of social classes.

Despite the difference of status always has been present in Britain, there is an ongoing debate whether upward social mobility is getting worse.

According to the former Labour Cabinet minister, the rungs on the social mobility ladder are growing further apart and it is becoming harder for this generation of struggling families to move up.

Despite achieving the education, she strived for, things haven’t stuck to plan. It’s not her abilities or motivation that hold her back, but merely her background.

“It didn’t matter where I went to university. When I left, my lack of family wealth meant taking the first job I was offered, at just above the minimum wage, because I needed money, and fast.

Withstanding months of rejection while waiting for a stable, wellpaid career job to come along was not an option. ” It´s repulsive how the British society has come this far.

An intelligent woman, probably as intelligent as her university friends, is being detained just because of the lack of her family’s wealth. It shows how far behind British society is in terms of equal opportunities, no matter what background you come from.