The difficulty of upward mobility in Britain | Essay

Write an essay in which you analyse the obstacles to upward mobility in Britain. Discuss how to overcome the obstacles.

In this essay I will analyse and discuss the obstacles regarding social mobility there is in Britain. Britain is at the moment dealing with a huge problem, where it is almost impossible for the younger generations and “treadmill families” to move up in the social classes.

Social mobility is at the moment taking a lot of control over people and how they succeed in life and it should not be the purpose of this system.

The difficulty of upward mobility in Britain

Poppy Noor who is in a “treadmill family” got lucky and was one out of a thousand who managed to go to a university. Even though she goes on a university her life is still very difficult because she is from a “treadmill family” and she cannot afford a house and live on her own.

She had to get the first job she could find when she started at the university and lives at the moment with her boyfriend and his mom. The salary that Poppy gets is minimum which means she cannot afford to buy anything and definitely not make any savings for her future.

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