Write an essay in which you analyse the obstacles to upward social mobility in Britain and discuss how to overcome these obstacles.

Write the essay in English and give it an appropriate heading.

Word count: 800-1200 words

In the following essay, I will discuss and analyze the obstacles to the social mobility problems in Britain.

Britain is getting more and more divided, which means that a lot of young people are being held back from the opportunity of achieving a better life and status because of their upward social mobility.

Young people from the lower classes are six times less likely to go to Oxbridge, and only one out of eight young people will make to the higher classes in their adult life.

The problem of social mobility is different from area to area in Britain, this means that your chances depends on where you live, is that fair?

People living in London have the highest chances of ending up as high earners and getting a better status which improves their lives.

The area does a big difference such as the problem in West Somerset, people who lives in there, has lower chances, and has the lowest level of social mobility in the country, there is a big chance that this is caused by the very high house prices and too low wages.

But there is a chance, but a very low chance, example the family who has had economically success in West Somerset.

The family started from the bottom, and established their own company, making and selling ice cream. The company has a good income and increases it by 10 percent each year. However, this is one of the very few families who have succeeded in West Somerset.