Social mobility in the UK | Essay

Social mobility is becoming more and more obtainable, this means that a high amount of young people are being held back from achieving a better status in life and having trouble finding jobs because of their upward social mobility.

Inequality is another obstacle to social mobility. According to text 5, the number of people in the UK who are underpaid is actually quite high, in industries for example as cleaning where 41,2 % are underpaid, and hospitality where 32,2 % are underpaid.

These are jobs where you do not need any qualifications, meaning that these jobs are more likely to be taken by people with no higher education.

Text 4 shows us how certain regions in the UK are having trouble finding well-paying jobs. For example, a region like Somerset does not offer many high-paying jobs which results in people finding it harder to move up from the lower class and start earning more.

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