Social mobility is a definition of the mobility between parents and children. For instance, social mobility can be measured by the level of education

the level of income or social status. I often tend to associate social mobility with persons that are in the lower social classes, that maybe live in some of the least wealthy parts of the city.

The so-called "treadmill families" are some of the hardest hit by the growing social mobility crisis in the UK. The statistics show a picture of low-income families and young people rarely can break the social legacy

and with it climb the economic ladder. Poppy Noor is a rare example of a wise and lucky student who managed to overcome many of the challenges

despite being born into a "treadmill family" and not having great chances in life. Poppy Noor is in her final twenties, and she is one of the few students

from her exact social class, who could get into Oxbridge, which is the most famous university in the UK.