In this essay I will investigate and analyze the obstacles related to social mobility problems in the UK. And furthermore address the ways to overcome the obstacles.

Britain is becoming more and more divided in social classes which has the effect that a whole generation of young British people are being held down in the social hierarchy which consequently makes it utterly difficult to climb this so-called social hierarchy and achieve greater things in life.

Youngsters from poor households are six times less likely to attend Oxbridge and just one out of eight will become a high earner in their adult life. What is the reason behind this major issue Britain is encountering at the moment?

The Prime minister of the UK has vowed to make a difference for the better by saying “Together we will build a better Britain”, and by saying that she is keen to break up the social divisions facing Britain by making significant adjustments in the educational system in order to lift those who have been left behind.

In addition to the above a lot of families and youngsters are feeling inflexible and they feel like they are standing still despite the fact that they are working harder and harder.

That group is known as treadmill families. An example of a member of a treadmill family is 30-year-old Spencer who works as a bike mechanic.

He makes just enough money to get by. Spencer has little knowledge of what the future holds for his family and himself. Treadmill families like Spencer’s are the ones who are greatly affected by this growing social mobility problem.

Statistics visualize that the youth and people on low incomes are almost powerless in terms of climbing the social and economic ladder.