Britain is undergoing a huge social crisis where the British society is becoming more socially divided. Inequality is rising in Britain

which means the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. They are facing a growing social mobility crisis that not only affects the working class, but also the lower middle class.

That’s also the third and final factor namely regional inequality. According to BBC have the children who live in London the highest chance of improving their lives and get on top of the society and West Somerset have the lowest.

The lowest level of social mobility in the country is the result of the high house prices, low number of skilled jobs and low wages.

Statistics from State of the Nation 2016, figure 0.6, shows the percentage of savers across the UK.

In total, there are 16.8 million non-savers in the UK and the regions who have the highest is Northern Ireland (56.8%) and West Midlands (55.2%) and the lowest percentage of non-savers are South East (30.1%) and East (36.3%) of England .

This means that children from the major population cities tendency to do better both academically and economic than people from the rural regions.