“Do remember to focus on variation linguistically (eg. ‘meaning’ is a term you might want to consider finding synonyms for). Quotes are unnecessary in cases where they simply repeat what you have just written; preferably they add, underline or put a specific point across and support your analysis and interpretation.

When proofreading your text, you have to check it against the points in the document, ‘STIL Keep in mind’. Ok introduction, ok structure of main body but no conclusion to assignment as a whole. Suggestions to overcome the obstacles are made but there is no actual discussion of these despite a request to do so.”

Class differences have always been present in Britain, how do you know? together with a strong sense of various class identities and cultures.it is a bad idea to make such sweeping statements and generalize based on assumptions.

But in the last decades, there has been an ongoing debate about the upward social mobility getting worse and that a number of social, economic, and geographic factors are the obstacles. A government report on social mobility in Britain from 2016 comes with various recommendations to improve the situation punctuation?

The inequality of the labour market could also be improved through governmental reforms and investments. A ban on unpaid internships is suggested as a solution for young students in Text 2 “Others will take up unpaid internships, if they can afford to.

The report highlights the corrosive impact of these, and calls for them to be banned.” (ll. 28-29. T.2) Text 2 also mentions that the labour market is influenced by prejudice and discrimination, which could imply that social campaigns targeting these specific topics could help put an end to the cycles of prejudice and discrimination.