Multiculturalism proves to be an inseparable part of today’s society. There can be given both positive and negative arguments concerning multiculturalism.

Nowadays, every country without an exception can be considered multicultural. What is more, people start to understand the essence of a multicultural society, even though it has several shortcomings.

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Multiculturalism has a considerable amount of positive sides. First, the fact that people live among different cultures means that they have a chance to broaden their vision and share the experience. The British start learning from other cultures adopting some aspects of a foreign culture and implementing them into their one, which is a significant advantage.

One more positive side lies in the fact that owing multiculturalism people learn how to tolerate and feel respect for all cultures disregarding some racial or ethnic characteristics.

This helps people of different cultural backgrounds to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. In other words, people have become more tolerant of other cultures, and this is likely to be beneficial in terms of the world’s struggle against racism.

In recent years, racism has become a problem for many cultures. It especially concerns African Americans and some other ethnicities. Multiculturalism is aimed at combating racism leading to a world full of respect for other people disregarding their ethnic or racial origin.