‘I Am Going to Die if I Keep Living the Way I Am’ | Essay

Sometimes it can be hard to remain professional in certain professions because working with humans is never easy.

In the article “‘I Am Going to Die if I Keep Living the Way I Am.’ She Was Right” by Beth Macy, we see a clear example of a journalist, who felt a responsibility for the person she was writing about.

The sender of the article is Beth Macy. She is a journalist and author, that has published three non-fiction books, including the bestseller Factory Man.

Macy’s style of writing mixes informal and formal elements, which gives the readers an impression of a journalist, who seems well informed about the opioid crisis, but also personally invested in the lives she is writing about.

The formal style of writing sees in form of the journalist using technical words by referring to different narcotics by their medical names such as “Suboxone who had contracted endocarditis”(l. 67).

On the contrary, she uses informal terms like “a quiet bunch” (l. 72). The more informal style of writing helps to make the article more personal. Because the topic of the article is an addict’s death, that Beth Macy knew personally, the article is conveyed with a serious tone.

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