‘I Am Going to Die If I Keep Living the Way I Am’ | Analysis

text resonates with anyone who has compassion for a fellow human being and it enlightens the reader about the ease of obtaining opioids.

The way a journalist treats and acts towards the people they write about is critical to get the correct information.

The responsibilities that follow are imperative for a journalist to follow up on, as the job of a journalist is to ensure that things they have learned through their interviews and experiences are relayed to the public.

It sheds a light upon the truths that are otherwise kept hidden from the public eye as it’s usually weak people in a liberal country that are seen needing help for “free”.

Does a journalist even have any responsibility towards the people they write about? The text written by Beth Macy is published in an online article in a world-famous paper called “The New York Times”.

Tess’s addiction started with a simple trip to an urgent care facility that prescribed her with a cough syrup and hydrocodone which are both opioids to cure her bronchitis.

This virus is a very common sickness which usually can be cured with rest and over the counter pain relieving medicine such as paracetamol.

The journalist furthermore tries to show how easily opioids are available for even the smallest of diseases by mentioning bronchitis which is common enough for almost any reader to know.

The help that opioid addicts are available to get even with a medical card is limited, an addiction to opioids which is fifty to a hundred times stronger than heroin, isn’t given any form of precedence by the government.

Opioid users can attain help through a program called M.A.T also known as medication assisted treatment, it’s a program in which patients are prescribed the “maintenance drugs” these drugs include one specifically which is known as methadone.

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