The southern way of living | Analysis

Wife and 2 daughters. he is very protective and goes to extreme methods to gets what he thinks is right.

He sees the world as a dangerous place and sets a question mark on everything going on in his town. He expresses that you only can trust yourself, and he is trying to learn his daughters that.

The point of view we are following in this short story is the man because we see the world through him and we only know the things he has experienced, we don't know what the others think or feel.

The father is a very cold heart man and doesn't feel any kind of regret to outwards killing Emzo, he owns a store in the small town

he thinks a lot about himself we see this inline. 7 where he says ''I consider myself a smart man'' he is very controlling we experience this when pulls his daughter out of high school because she mingled with a boy.

He won't sleep without his guns he even says ''If Rosie ever dies and the girls go off I’ll sell this house and sleep in my store.

I’ll put up a cot, take my guns'' this shows that he doesn't care about his daughter but only about his own safety and he doesn't trust the sheriff that also shows his loyalty to himself.

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