The Southern Gothic literature became current in the twentieth century. It is a branch away from the normal Gothic style of writing that had taken most of Europe by storm for the last couple of decades.

The Gothic novels are usually about frightening schemes filled with Seacrest's and with supernatural instances, and characters haunted by your wildest fears.

The Gothic novels focus on the grim and bizarre, and set pieces such as castles and old houses brimming with Seacrest's.

The Southern Gothic style uses a lot from the normal Gothic style though it discards the purpose of the text, as Gothic style text would focus on giving the reader a thrilling story the Southern Gothic type would also focus on sending a message, such as the dark underlying motives of the human brain.

The story of Emily is parted in three different sections. The first one being where the text speaks of them time Emily Grierson's tragic death was of everyone from town came to see her funeral out of curiosity. For over ten years almost no one had been in her house.

The house once was the most beautiful house in town. but had now fallen into an old dusty gray looking house, almost as it had been left there with no one to occupy it.

The area was once only for high-class citizens but has now been turned into a lower class area. Emily's parent only left her with the house but no money to pay for it.

The previous mayor “Colonel Sartoris” was a friend of Emily's family, he knew Emily was in no shape to pay rent for the expensive house.

The new mayor, however, did not care about Emily's legacy and wanted tax payment. A band of tax reclaimers came to claim taxes from Emily. She tells them to talk to Colonel Sartorius although he has been dead for decades. Her servant throws them out.