‘Dusk over Atlantic Wharf’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

The story takes place in Cardiff, Wales, with the newly married couple Lata and Anuj. Anuj has been living in Wales for six years, where Lata has only lived there for 4 months. Before she married Anuj, she lived with her parents in India.

He loved half-naked women, but Lata finds it unreliably. She also felt smothered when she entered his room back in time. Lata reminisce to her days in Indian.

She introduces her best friend Mina and informs how funny they had it. Mina used to say that Lata was the joker in the group.

Lata also talks about a day with Ma at the dhobi, and how Baba got her married to Anuj. Her father, Baba, was convinced that marrying Anuj, was the best future for Lata, which Lata disagrees with.

She doesn't understand babas discission, because Baba has never left India. In Wales she has to cook, clean, hover and wash, but she has never tried it before. In India there was hired people who did these things.

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