‘More Than Coffee | New York’s Vanishing Diner Culture’ | Analysis


In the article “More Than Coffee: New York’s Vanishing Diner Culture” (2016), the writer George Blecher discusses central aspects of American diners.

He introduces us to the historical perspective of why and how these places became so important. Blecher acknowledges that the American tradition of diners is decline due to e.g.

other types of restaurants, but he still believes that the diner is an incredible place to spend one’s spare time. It is a place, first of all, to get something nice to eat and drink.

Analytical essay

Have you ever seen something close which you hold dearly to you, but not having anything you could do about it

that what George Blecher feels when he writes about his diners, except he does do something because he is a well-known writer and people reads what he writes?

The composition of the article is very traditional; it consists of a title, an introduction, the main text, and in the end, he comes with a conclusion.

The introduction and title fit very well together, the title captures one, then the introduction explains further and draws a person further in, and eventually one will have read the entire article.

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