The Disappearing Diner Culture | Analyse | Engelsk

More than coffee:

New York’s Vanishing Diner Culture is written by George Blecher in 2016. George Blecher starts the article by sharing his love for diners.

He says that Metro Diner, at 100th street in Manhattan is like his “third place” and that he has a strong liking for that particular diner. He then proceeds to talk about how the diner culture in New York is dying.

Blecher explains that a big reason to why the diners are closing is because of the changing eating cultures and the preponderance of no coffee-refill places.

We live in a world where our culture is constantly changing.

The world moves fast and we constantly want the new and best thing possible. We are quick to desert old traditions with new ones. That is not always good.

The internet has taken over the world and made our society exceedingly more introverted, which means that we do everything that is possible online.

We also live in a busy world, which means that an excessive amount of people want the fastest solution to everything.

That is why we have drive thru in fast food chain restaurants and order coffee quickly at a coffee store. Because of this, we have become an isolated society with minimal socializing.

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