Meagan Francis | Analytical-Essay

We are in a time and place where our appearance on social media is an important part of our culture, and our everyday life.

The saying " If it is not on Instagram, it did not happen" is becoming a quote, that illustrates what our society has become over the years.

So is the trend of throwing a lavish birthday party for our children, and afterward showing it to all our friends and family via social media.

But when should we stand up and say stop? Meagan Francis asks this question in her article: " Kids birthday parties are out of control.

The main claim in the article is that kids’ birthday parties are out of control. Meagan also claims that parties nowadays are growing to be bigger and more expensive than ever before, the joy of attending and hosting these parties has become a burden to do.

Francis supports her claims by seeking and including other bloggers and self-acclaimed “experts” on this subject. In the article Meagan Francis includes quotes from a blogger by the name of Charissa West: “

“I worry about the message (these parties) send out to our kids,” “(page 3, line 3) and “ “When a 5-year-old's birthday party now rivals an episode of MTV's ‘My Super Sweet 16,’ “ ( Page 3, line 4-5).

Meagan Francis emphasizes that she is not alone with her opinion and that other mothers have the same opinion by using this quote from Charissa West. By doing so she makes her claims more bulletproof and more believable.

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