A 5p Plastic Bag | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Plastic has become a big part of our everyday lives and is in one form or another in many of the objects that we use or interact with every single day.

One of the biggest challenges with plastic pollution is the high production and use of single-use plastics – i.e., plastic that is only used once and is not recycled.

In recent decades, plastic production has multiplied, and this has caused a problem for the world.

Tons of severely degradable plastic bags, plastic bottles and tiny pieces of microplastics are floating around the oceans, doing great damage to fish, plants and perhaps also to humans.

Secondly, the story is characterized by using little human interaction and including only one main person. Plastic waste has been ignored for a long time, and the person can also be characterized as being indifferent to plastic waste.

This can be seen in the paragraph, “That’s funny. I lost my 5p plastic bag and now I got my money back!”

In the example is shows, that the person only cares about the value of the plastic bag instead of the pollution it creates in the oceans. An attitude to plastic, which is probably general, as we see pedestrians in the street just laughing at the floating bag.

Thirdly, the point of view of the story is varying, as the reader first follows the elderly, then the 5p plastic bag and then again, the elderly man.

The varying point of view makes it clear, what to focus on as the reader. The story creates a clear picture of the problem, and how it is affecting the oceans, but most importantly the source to this.

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