“Plastic surgery for teens” is written by Valerie Ulene, who is a specialist in preventive medicine. The text is about plastic surgery for teens. As a teen, Valerie Ulene disliked her nose as well, she thought it was too big, but she has grown used to it.

It is told that surgery is often a result of the tremendous pressure teens face from friends, social media and other factors. It is either the aspiration to achieve the ideal appearance or simply to get rid of insecurities that leads to the thought about surgery. Valerie Ulene states that is must be the teen’s desire alone undergo surgery, and it’s important the teen must have a long-standing desire to.

Analytical essay

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The text is aimed towards parents and teens and for that reason, the sender has chosen to include both experts, statistics and personal experiences. The sender uses Logos to present the readers with the facts. She uses reliable sources, such as president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

This makes Valerie Ulene seem reliable and the reader can trust her and therefore be persuaded into believing the same as her. She also mentions her own experiences to make the text more personal and relatable.

In this way, she gains the sympathy of the reader. The text starts with a personal experience and ends with one as well, where one could say she makes her voice heard.

It can be assumed that the intention of the text is to inform teens about plastic surgery. Valerie ends the text by stating that she wasn’t happy for her nose as young, and now it is the least of her worries.

She cares about her aging skin now - one might say that by this statement, she means you can always find something wrong with your appearance, but it isn’t sure that your biggest problem today is also your biggest problem in 5 years. She thinks plastic surgery is fine, but only for the ones who need it.