The world around us is constantly changing and some of these changes are natural, and some aren’t. In times like this where we in Denmark live a good and healthy life, it can be hard to look around and see the problems we are making worse. The way we live is destroying other animals’ way of living. The plastic we throw away everyday keeps piling up the wrong places and as it is now we aren’t the ones feeling the consequences.

Optimer dit sprog - Klik her og bliv verdensmester i at skrive opgaver

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest problems in todays society and the consequences can be seen many places in our normally beautiful nature. One of the things that have already given many animal races difficulties is the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean and washed ashore.

Even closed off islands that have strict animal laws are having trouble keeping the birds and fish from eating it. This problem is causing many of the younger birds to die and many fish have been found with loads of plastic in they’re stomach. But birds, fish and other animals aren’t the only species threatened by the increased plastic production and pollution.

One theory suggests that everyone is in some way or another in danger of plastic. When plastic ends up in the ocean it starts to decompose and becomes tiny plastic pieces also called microplastic. For humans its quite easy to see and feel what you should eat and what you shouldn’t. So technically we shouldn’t be in danger, right? The simple answer is no.

Tiny fish start eating the microplastic in the sea which leads to bigger fish eating these smaller fish. The cycle continues until a fish is eaten by us. All this microplastic ends up inside me and you and it may not sound as much but if you think it over its quite a lot.

Let’s say small fish eat maybe 10 small pieces of plastic in its lifetime. The problem is bigger fish also eat 10 of the smaller fish and so on.

This piles up to a lot when a trout ends up on your dinnerplate.