Liars Don’t Qualify | Analytical essay

Will Harris is a black man living in the USA. He wants to get registered, which is tough for a black man. It is even tougher, when you are facing two racists.

There is a lot of discrimination in the text “Liars Don’t Qualify” that I will be analysing. In the meantime, there is also a lot of discrimination towards some human races and especially the black race in the real world.

Sam asks Will a lot of question, because he cannot believe a black man knows anything. He thinks Will is stupid. However, Will knows everything Sam asks him about.

He really tries to find a question Will cannot give an answer to or a question were Will lies. It will hurt Sam´s pride if he gives a black man some rights.

Sam once asks Will if he thinks the 15th amendment was a good idea. Sam then slams his hand down to the desk, because Will thinks it is good.

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