‘The Trump Administration Says Poverty Is Over. They’re Lying’ | Analytical essay

In the United States of America, poverty is a huge problem and a concern for many people, but the Trump administration claims that poverty do not exist. In the article “The Trump Administration Says Poverty Is Over.

They’re Lying .” written by Bryce Covert, who is an independent journalist who writes about the economy , she tries to verbalize the poverty in the country as a subject that has not been taking good care of.

The article speaks about how the Trump administration has claimed the poverty as a problem that already have been solved and Bryce Covert give one’s opinion about how wrong of a statement that is.

Because of the publish in the Huffington Post, which has been described mostly as a newspaper with a liberal and democratic point of view , it is clear to see that Bryce Covert argues against Donald Trump and his administration.

The Huffington Post is therefore the perfect media for the receivers who Bryce Covert is trying to reach, because the readers of this article are old enough to vote and most likely they are democrats.

Bryce Covert wants to reach out and enlighten people in large organizations who can confirm her points hoping that they also can set the focus on poor people.

The organizations are much stronger than one person alone, and therefore the penetration power will have a much bigger effect and impact on both the population and the administration of the United States of America.

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