The Trump Administration Says Poverty Is Over. They’re Lying

There will always be poverty no matter how wealthy a country is, poverty is something that been around forever and will be here most likely all the time. But we are indeed getting lower percentage, of people being poor or homeless.

This is something that is going on in our everyday life and if the government is lying about the reality, that there is poverty then who is there to change it. Bryce Covert is an independent journalist writing about the economy.

She is a contributing Op-Ed writer at The New York Times. In the article “Bryce covert talks about how the government is covering up the fact, that there is still some poverty.” does the journalist have valid proof, that there is still poverty and does she get around the subject good enough.

Bryce covert also proves her point when she talks about, how there is half a million homeless people in U.S on any given night and 200.000 who doesn’t have any shelter at all.

She says that Trump and his advisers should tell them that poverty is over, which would be ironic to say to a homeless person so her, point here is that Trump and his advisers haven’t open their eyes.

There is a point where the Trump administration, comes with some percentage of people who have shelter and people who were housed “99.9 percent of people had shelter and 99.8 percent were housed.

”But she says even if its accurate there is still some miscounted people, and those who still goes without a home in one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

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