Man lying on a wall

Perhaps you are wondering why in heaven this man is laying on a wall. I’m about to tell you the whole story about “Man lying on a wall”. The man on the wall was named “Matthew Anderson”, he was an ordinary businessman with a great job and a lovely family. He woke up early every morning and went to work. Matthew had always been a man with a great spirit and his mood had a positive effect on the rest of the staff.

Matthew had a huge motivation for his job, but as the days passed by, the company he worked for had begun to go bankrupt. Many people were fired, and Matthew feared he was the next. Every single day new people were fired and the company’s spirit wasn’t as it used to be.

It became Monday and Matthew had “survived” four-month since the bankruptcy.
The sky was dark grey and it drizzled outside, but Matthew went as usual on work with the same motivated spirit as always. But the day didn’t turn out as he expected. Matthew got fired. He couldn’t believe it, he felt lost and empty inside. His job had been one of the most important things in his life and now there was a hole inside Matthew. He was the moneymaker in the family and he knew his wife would be miserable if he told her. It took him six days before he finally found the courage to tell her. Matthew’s wife was certainly not happy with his news.

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