Is The Trump Administration Lying?

The Republicans won the U.S. presidential election on November 8, 2016, and their presidential candidate Donald Trump became the president of the U.S. Since then, poverty in the U.S. has become an even bigger problem. The article “The Trump Administration Says Poverty Is Over. They’re Lying.” by Bryce Covert is about Trump ́s administration and their review on poverty.

The article has three main topics. The Trumps administration’s viewpoint on poverty, the real extent of poverty in the United States, as well as what effect the work requirements have on welfare recipients. Covert go by these themes with argumentation and her stance on poverty.

It is clear that Covert is against Trump's stance, she expresses her disagreement through the article by using augments, linguistics features and different forms of appeal.

The language Covert use is mostly straightforward and clear. Her choice of words is a mix of formal and informal styles.

The formal style is recognized when she writes longer profound sentences, which give the readers information. She also uses complicated words, such as “pernicious6”, this gives a formal expression.

The informal style is recognized when Covert uses an expression like “Throw people off the rolls”7 and words like “fudging8”.

She also uses shorten words as “haven’t”, “doesn’t”, “they ́ve” etc. This keeps the article on a lower level and is more down to earth. Covert connects more with the readers and it creates a sense, that the readers are having a relaxed discussion with her.

The word poverty is common through the article, it has a chain of equivalences. The word gets associated with “financial ruin”, “huge problem”, “food insecure” and “extreme”. These are negative words and expressions. These words and expressions also help the writer show the difficulties poor people have and that poverty is a problem.

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