Article about Trump Administration by Bryce Covert | Analysis

In the United States of America, poverty is a huge problem and a concern for many people, but the Trump administration claims that poverty do not exist. In the article “The Trump Administration Says Poverty Is Over.

They’re Lying .” written by Bryce Covert, whois an independent journalist who writes about the economy , she tries to verbalize the poverty in the country as a subject that has not been taking good care of.

The article speaks about how the Trump administration has claimed the poverty as a problem that already have been solved and Bryce Covert give one’s opinion about how wrong of a statement that is.

To achieve this, Bryce Covert primarily uses the appeal form pathos . With the use of pathos, she tries to get in touch with the readers’ feelings and emotions.

She mostly describes President Trump and the administration as if they have no sympathy for other people and negative like:

“If the Trump administration really thinks poverty doesn’t exist in the U.S., they should tell that to the 15.6 million American families who were food insecure for at least part of 2016 .”

This exact sentence gives the reader sympathy with the poor people, which helps Bryce Covert to put Trump in a bad light, even if it is not what Trump wants.

She provokes certain feelings by mentioning basic needs for a human, and by using negative connotations , she gets the reader’s attention in her favor especially when she speaks about a sensitive subject such as children:

“But even a small bout of cutting back on nutrition has huge health impacts, particularly on children. ”

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