Western countries pride themselves with their democracies, their freedom of speech, their free press, and much more.

Countries such as the USA and England often claim and take great pride in being free countries where everyone has a right to speak their mind.

But how free are we really if you, in those same exact countries, can be imprisoned for speaking and discovering the truth?

How do you justify punishing a man who has done nothing but what the country’s values stand for?

Julian Assange is the creator of WikiLeaks, a website that discovers and tells the truth about some of the western governments’ shadier and straight-up brutal and vicious actions, based on equally questionable political decisions, and he is being imprisoned for it.

The article “The Prisoner Says No to Big Brother” by John Pilger published on Counterpunch, 4th of March 2019, explores this exact issue whilst advocating for the release of Assange.

Pilger is also quite provocative in his style of writing and this shows in the following quote:

“Will those feminists who fawn over this false icon at the Opera House next Sunday be reminded of her role in colluding with foreign forces to punish an Australian journalist, one whose work has revealed that rapacious militarism has smashed the lives of millions of ordinary women in many countries”, (line 91-93).

Claiming Bishop to be a “false icon” and thereby degrading her and her status could be considered quite provocative especially considering her high position in the government.

Pilger also attacks Bishop’s personal ethos and moral in this particular quote by indirectly calling out her double standards, when pointing out that she as a woman whom feminists look up to, has played a part in punishing a man who has fought to shed a light on the “rapacious militarism has smashed the lives of millions of ordinary women in many countries”, (line 93). Pilger’s choice of words is also very indicative of his opinion and intention.