Honor-based violence is used to control behavior within families for the purpose of protecting the perceived cultural and-or religious beliefs, and, tragically

this practice still exists in numerous cultures. Afghan for Afghan Women is an organization that provide shelters for Afghan women who’ve been exposed to precisely this honor-based violence and serves approximately 5.000 women yearly throughout 26 shelters.

It was published in 2013 by CNN, who identifies themselves as democratic, making the receivers of the story largely left-leaning individuals.

The story is written as a feature with the purpose of explaining the news for their readers, and we can see the characteristics of the genre on the grounds that it meets certain criteria.

Firstly, it is essentially based entirely on an anecdote – from both the reporter but also from Gul herself –, as well as the story including descriptions of individuals and scenery:

“It’s cold and raining in Kabul and the pothole-filled dirt roads have turned into a sea of mud.” (p.1, ll. 9-10) & “She touches her head where the blade hit her and then shows me the deep cuts that were made to the back of her neck and her arms.” (p.2, ll. 15-17).