‘The Prisoner Says No to Big Brother’ | Analysis

We claim to live in a society today with free speech and press, but in reality, we live under pressure and manipulation.

Many people end up getting punished for speaking the truth and expressing their thoughts, as ex. being a feminist.

The article “The Prisoner Says No to Big Brother” written by the journalist John Pilger, that was published on the 4th of March 2019 on Counterpunch, is living up to these facts.

In this deliberative speech you get introduced to Julian Assange, that was imprisoned for being the founder of WikiLeaks.

Pilger is mainly using pathos to get the readers to empathize with him by clarifying the government’s methods and use of surveillance in a shocking way.

His way of convincing the readers that he is right, makes it a deliberative speech, with the intention to persuade the listener. His type of language is also clear with the intention to advocate for his views, based on his arguments.

One of his arguments is about Julia Bishop, which is Australia’s Foreign Minister, his opinion is very easy to sense in the following quote:

“Australia’s Foreign Minister abandoned her duty to speak up for an Australian citizen, prosecuted with nothing, charged with nothing, guilty of nothing. ” His critical mindset is expressed here, and the repetition of the word “nothing” makes use of anaphora in the text.

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