The world is a difficult place to live in, especially if you don’t live a happy life. Gul Meena is a strong, independent, small woman, who tries to find a safe place, where she could be happy.

In this article “How My Brother Tried to Kill Me In “Honor Attack” the story is about Gul’s escape from her abusive husband, and the consequences it had for her. Failure, women rights, and good intentions are the keywords for this story.

The message in this article is presented with reflections about the situation in Kabul. It is presented with dark and negative words to describe the situation and location.

The journalist uses words and sentences like “cold, raining, pothole-filled dirt roads”. The language is formal, there are a lot of direct speech between the persons, who appear in the text.

Gul tells her story to the journalist, who is writing an article about her life and experiences in Afghanistan. The journalist’s opinion is illustrated by her choice of words.

There are used a lot of sadly, intense adjectives and sentences like this “I’d tried to kill myself with poison several times, but it didn’t work”. (Page 95).

It gives a violent feeling to receivers, and they are being choked. The sender uses these words to describe the main character Gul, “small, fragile, sullen eyes, nervously”. (Page 94).

These words tell us something about the girl. Anna Coren dominates the audience to have the same opinion by her experiences and the topic, she writes about.