The novel “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” is written by Robert Louis Stevenson. The book is about a respectable good doctor in London who transforms himself into an evil murderer.

In the analyze of this novel, this assignment will focus on characterize Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and secondly explain Freud’s theory of the composition of the human mind and apply the theory to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s mind and finally make an interpretation of the theme and message.

Dr. Henry Jekyll is a kind, well-respected doctor in the city of London. His oldest and closets friends are Lanyon, who is a doctor and Utterson, who is a lawyer.

Dr. Jekyll is a “large, well-made, smooth-faced man of fifty with something of a slyish cast, and every mark of capacity and kindness” . This shows, that Dr. Jekyll is a pleasant and appreciated person by the people in the town.

He was born into a good family, and a large fortune .
He feels that he is battling between the good and evil within himself, and that leads up to the struggle between his dual personalities of Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde.