‘Jefferson Wears a Tie’ | Analytical essay

”He had swept through the task nonetheless”1. Thoroughness, industriousness, focus and determination will most often be considered as good conditions for a man who wants a good position in business.

This seems John Mansfield and he has therefore chosen to write about a man called Jefferson. A man named Jefferson has these skills, but does he manage to be satisfied with his position and not least achieve his dreams?

Marty served in the company as the operations executive. In doing so, he was Jefferson's superior, and all his work must be approved by Marty.

Marty seems a little arrogant. This is assumed as he talks a lot on the phone and lets Jefferson sit in the waiting room for a few minutes.

"Marty was busy chatting on the phone with a key customer, so Jefferson had to wait a few minutes before being waved in."7

Marty appears arrogant in the sense that he sends out a colleague and waits precious minutes instead of just letting him drop off the work and look at it afterwards.

Next, he seems a bit ungrateful because he quickly concludes that the files need to be changed. Instead of giving constructive feedback to Jefferson

he chooses to exclaim with a negative tone "He then looked listless for a moment, clicked, the exclaimed, "Oh, those files."8.

In the case of a short story, it may be important to read with a watchful eye, because symbolism occurs. This is seen in the short story "Jefferson Wears a tie".

In the text we hear at first about his usual transport in a train, where he finds graffiti hugely interesting.

“We come across grafitti up to several places in the text "On his travels he kept up with the local graffiti, carefully reading the latest political slogans."9.

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