‘Jefferson Wears a Tie’ | Analysis | 10 i karakter

“Good morning Mr Price. I understand you’d like to promote me to Sales Executive...” . The text "Jefferson Wears a Tie"

written by John Mansfield in 2006, is based on a hard-working person who shows his passion for his work, but also the skills he got. A person who is aiming for the highest job position at his workplace.

One of the other more relevant character are Marty. Marty is employed at the same workplace as Jefferson. Marty is a Operations Executive, and is kind of “ruling” Jefferson.

He seems quite arrogant and indifferent to his employees, which we could presume cause of the way he acts in front of Jefferson - "Marty accepted the heap of completed paperwork, smiling and saying "Great, thank you".

He then looked listless for a moment, clicked, then exclaimed, "Oh, those files." [...] "Right. Terry (the Operations Director) says these files need to be done on a LY process.

Do you mind just going back and converting them?"" In this example we see that he appears disinterested and ungrateful to Jefferson's work, especially when he subsequently puts him to do more work

since he has just completed a set of tasks to deadline. Marty also appears like a person who doesn’t do much work, and just make other do it for him. Instead

Marty is browsing around the internet looking for his next vacation “said Marty, looking up from the computer screen on which he appeared to be browsing through airline prices.” .

The text also appears with some symbols for us readers. One of the symbols that appears in the text is this graffiti that Jefferson notices in the first place.

Graffiti is most often associated with something more rebellious, which is also seen in the way that Jefferson suddenly being rebellious to himself and his workplace after 3 years of working there with the same routine, he completely changes his habits and therefore becomes more rebellious.

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