‘My identity is a superpower – not an obstacle’ | Analysis

In the movie industry today, a lot of individuals are told that they don’t fit in, because they don’t look or speak a certain way, or have the right ethnicity.

In 2019 actor, director and activist America Ferrera was giving a speech at TED talk, to inform the world about the obstacles she faced as a, as she expresses it: too brown, too fat and too poor Latina - in Hollywood.

She presents numerous examples on how she was rejected because of her looks and ethnicity, and she arguments for why the value system has to stop rejecting what the world really looks like.

America begins the speech with a childhood memory of her singing along to the movie “Gypsy”, where she would sing with “the urgency and the burning desire of a nine-year-old who did, in fact, have a dream.”(l.4)

In this quote, she informs the audience of her actress-dream, and that it has been a dream of hers all the way back to her childhood.

By doing this, she uses the appeal form ethos, because she creates credibility by using her own character as an example

something that she does throughout the speech when conveying a lot of examples of auditions where she was rejected, because of her ethnicity.

An example of this is when she explains that she could only achieve roles that matched her stereotype, as “the gang-banger’s girlfriend, the sassy shoplifter, pregnant chola number two” (ll. 22-23)

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