In today's society many individuals seem to give up their dreams, in relation to the American dream every individual should have a fair chance to inter the game, to seek success and fulfill their dreams.

The competitive society in America seems to have unrealistic goals for each individual, especially for the minorities, such as different ethnicities.

America Ferrera is an american actress and producer, she is known for always speaking her truth, whether that is discussing her body issues or how she experienced bullying for not speaking “Spanish well enough”.

Ferrera became the first, and only, Latina to win an Emmy for Ugly Betty, but Hollywood still hasn't made a push for more Latino representation.

“It’s been 12 years since I became the first and only Latina to ever win an Emmy in a lead category. That is not a point of pride. That is a point of deep frustration” (p. 2, ll. 58-59), eventually Ferrera came to sanity.

She realized that she hadn't changed the system, the system which had treated her poorly based on how the environment stereotypically looked at Latinos, she then knew that she was just asking them to “let me in, and those aren’t the same thing” (p.3, ll. 84-85).

Her realization led her on a path to self acceptance. Through this TED talk Ferrera therefore emphasizes our unique voices and differences, and persuades the receiver to look at our differences as our individual superpowers.