Advertisement analysis

Advertisements’ intention is often to evoke emotions from the intended audience to make them buy their product, perhaps because people rely more on emotions, rather than information. This advertisement is selling a slimming powder and a slimming liquid, and it is reaching into a sensitive subject, which is weight.

I will be analyzing the text by using some of the points in Cicero’s pentagram and comment on the different techniques that is used to sell the product.

It can be argued that the intended audience is adolescents, most likely girls, because of the overall layout of the advertisement, the picture shows three girls and the text around it, has its focus on girls and what the product can do to them, how it can help them slim themselves.

The company’s intention is to provoke the audience, by asking the rhetorical question in the headline: “You know why she’s wearing the sweatshirt, don’t you?” (headline) it makes your mind wonder until you find the answer, which can be found further into the text, because the girl is a little overweight, even though she might not be.

From what is shown on the picture, the reader looks at the exposed skin and compare it to the other girls who has the same size legs, as the girl in the sweatshirt. It creates fear in the mind of the audience, it makes them feel like they are overweight, by getting into their minds in the beginning of the text: “Beneath that floppy sweatshirt she’s a little overweight. You knew that. Because right now, you’re a little overweight, too.” (p.1, ll. 2-6) It makes the reader look at themselves and second-guess their weight, and this company has the solution to their problem.

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