Have you ever had a dramatic friend or friendship? Have you ever thought about how your friendship could end?

In the short story ‘I dare you’ written by Eileen Marriman are you going to meet the two girls Carrie and Jane that both is very innocent but turn into be very dramatic.

Jane and carry have been friends for a very long time, maybe too long. Because we get an introduction that they are tired of each other, this is shown when she says “Her leather friendship bracelet, the twin of mine, coiled around her shapely ankle.

I was jealous of Carrie’s perfect skin, her coltish legs, her movie-star name.” (page 1 line 9-11) The text isn’t telling us how long they exactly have been friends, but we still get a feeling that they have been friends for a long time, since both of them have a friendship bracelet, and it also mentioned that they came to the park regularly (page 1, line 1)