Life as a teenager is not always easy. These years are filled with new feelings such as love, frustration, and a desire to cross boundaries.

Teens are confronted with new and thrilling things like alcohol, parties, and even drugs, which can cause various difficulties. It is a time of growth, not only in terms of personality but also relationship-wise.

The story takes place in and around Dunedin, a city in New Zealand: “I gazed out of the tinted window, watching the familiar sights of Dunedin slide past” (ll. 63) At the beginning of the story, the two girls are in a park:

“That Friday, Carrie and I went to the park for the last time.” (ll. 1) This introductory sentence contains foreshadowing and creates suspense because it indicates that something bad is going to happen.

It makes the reader wonder why it is the last time they went to the park. The girls sit side-by-side at the swings, which could symbolize their current innocence and childish manners.