Gideon | Analytical essay

Are our lives determined by race and social class...?

In this essay, I will analyze the short story ‘Gideon by ZZ Packer. I will throughout this 5-paragraph analysis be the characterization of the narrator and Gideon, setting, theme and message. We will dig down in our characters past life, and what they came from.

Gideon by ZZ parker is from 2007 and was in the book ‘The Book of Other People’. The story is about the narrator and Gideon, their time together and how they were as people. Our narrator was a waitress at pita delicious serving burgers and falafels, that was where she met Gideon, he came by to eat a large number of times, and they ended up spending time together. Gideon did plenty of things and had opinions and interests, he could rail against the gun lobby and then feed his crickets. The narrator faked pregnancy after a broken condom, Gideon would figure it out, but the narrator leaves and starts self-reflecting.

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