Dinner with Dr. Azad | Analytical essay

What are the effects of moving countries? And how does one cope with these effects? The journey to find comfort in a new place, is often a difficult task as an immigrant.

“Dinner with Dr Azad” is part of Monica Ali’s novel “Brick Lane” and shows exactly the effects that can occur with immigration from a country to another.


The protagonist in our story is Nazneen, the wife of Chanu. She is portrayed as an at home wife, who does not know a lot of English and stays quiet most of the time.

In the novel it is written that “Nazneen had finished the housework. Soon she would start preparing the evening meal, but for a while she would let the time pass.” (s. 145 l. 7)

This gives us a very clear indication that she only really spends her time inside the house, doing nothing else than housework.

It becomes very clear to us throughout the text that Nazneen wants more of a life on her own, instead of just being Chanu’s wife.

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