‘Meat’ | Analytical essay | By A.L. Kennedy

Will the climate changes affect the future world and the society? And will it influence the individual? In the short story ‘Meat ‘by A.L. Kennedy, you can get a clear answer on questions like these.

The short story portraits the future and describes the world, after the climate changes. How it will end up, if we don’t do something now. The society needs to wake up and react on this problem.

But so, do the individual. Everybody need to make a difference now, so that we won’t end up like in the text. In the short story ‘Meat’, the reader gets an insight in the main character, Marcko’s, life and thoughts. Also, how it is to live in a world, where everyone is keeping an eye on you. And where you always must think one more time, about what’s wrong and what’s right.

What helps the short story getting more realistic and authentic, is the style of language and the style of writing.

Even though there is this sense of fantasy and morbid in the language, the reader still gets the essence of the story. In the entire story, there are words, that are capitalized or in italics.

These are words from the main characters own perspective which gives an insight in his thoughts and how he is feeling and thinking about himself. There are many words, both negative and positive, that makes this contrast. A contrast of how he is feeling in the time with the climate changes.

On page 55, the writer switch between long and short sentences. There are the words that are in italics, like ‘Irresponsible’ and ‘Waste’. This is the main characters own thoughts, that gives the text some personality and gives det reader an idea of how the climate changes has affected Marcko.

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